Our Suppliers

Our suppliers of MDF and particleboard can provide us with a 100% recycled and/or recovered (pre-consumer), FSC certified, no added urea-formaldehyde option.

For more Information on our available environmentally conscious MDF and particleboard materials, please click button below:

We have biodegradable foamboard and styrene graphic panels available that are manufactured with a “bio-resin” that causes the product to breakdown under heat and pressure. A 100% landfill breakdown is achieved in one to five years, versus 80 to 450 years for conventional foamboard products.

Century Displays, Inc. is currently in the process of testing a display made from post-consumer recycled materials that will be 100% recyclable at the end of its life as a point-of-purchase display. Check back later for more information or email our Marketing Communications Manager at andrewn@centurydisplays.com for more information regarding availability.